Guangzhou Fussen Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

In 2001 the founder of Fussen company came to a small town called Fussen while he was visiting Stuttgart which is a very beautiful industrial city in Germany. He was immediately impressed and attracted by its beautiful and clean environment and very curious about how the local people clean their street. Fortunately, he found that cleaning equipment was widely used in the local communities for street cleaning. After coming back from Germany he wanted to popularize cleaning equipment in China and founded Fussen company, because he believed that every Chinese people deserve living in an environment that was as clean as Fussen town. br Fussen dedicates to the research and innovation of environmentally friendly cleaning technology. Every cleaning equipment has been carefully crafted and designed in our factory and the core technologies and parts are all imported from Germany. Fussen has been integrating artisan spirit in every step of manufacturing process to deliver the best quality and performance of every cleaning equipment to our customers. ,br Fussen> which inherited artisan spirit has become the pioneer of advocating environmentally friendly cleaning for 15 years. During these 15 years, Fussen has designed many great cleaning equipment and solutions for our customers with different needs and solved countless cleaning problems for them. In the future Fussen will continuously work on its dream of making the world cleaner.