Gongyi Xiaoyi Hongji Macinery Factory

With the development of industrial and social economy problems of the imbalance between supply and demand of traditional energy have become more and more serious. All people are laying their eyes on green bio-fuel business to produce renewable biomass fuel briquettes.,brAs a professional manufacturer in exporting charcoal>biomass briquette plants for agro-forestry wastes/ we are leading a team working to exploit full set of various manufacturing and exporting briquetting equipments including charcoal,biomass briquette machine/ straw fuel briquette press pellet mill, conveyor and grass chipper etc. We have already got CE certificates for all of our equipments.,brThe raw materials can be sawdust> rice husk rice straw, cotton stalk cottonseed skins, wood wood shavings, wood chips mustard stalk, wheat straw soybeans husk, coffee husk sunflower husk, peanut-shell sugar cane bagasse, maize stalk palm fruit bunch , paddy straw tobacco waste, bamboo dust and any other crop wastes.br complete satisfaction with high quality swift delivery, prompt response and especially cost efficiency.,brWelcome to our factory to visit. And we will provide our best equipments and technologies at the reasonable price to meet your requirements.