Huixian Tianyang Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

Huixian tianyang electrical co., LTD is located in the hinterland of the central plains rich hui xian city in henan province xueyuan road middle industrial agglomeration area industrial park no. 3 workshop, since it was founded in 1998, the company always adhere to: "science and technology make industry, quality achievement, credibility, good faith castmagnificently" the quality policy, from the product development adhere to the "man without I have, people have my superior, optimal I" business philosophy, in 18 years, since 1998 the supply of henan ice bears group of air-conditioner factory, ice making machine plant all kinds of condenser; After 2003, the original ice bears group began development in all parts of the country, the elite who are everywhere, relying on my company supply has that many are now in the industry leader of the company, so as to set up such as KaiXue company, unified, signs in the snow, lingyun, hai bao, is snow, GuoDing companies, such as the love, more than ten companies in pioneer days enlightenment suppliers, friendly and win-win for ten years, become an outstanding supplier of refrigeration industry in China. So that shuanghui group faces the society in early 2015 the bidding book named our company condenser, evaporator designated supplier.My company employees automatic pressure, continuous innovation, is closely linkedwith major colleges and universities, formed a strong rd team, won a number of invention patents, especially in 2014, research and development production of the whole aluminum type heat pipe radiator, heat pipe type LED street light, LED mining lamp, LED project-light lamp and reveal ark is special high voltage LED lamp, LED lights, including "high-power LED radiator heat pipe type" can effectively solve the "integrated encapsulation high-power leds solder temperature is high, droop speed problem. With the expansion of the enterprise, we in 2015, the registered above Wan Chengli Yang technology co., LTD., henan day vigorously into the medical equipment industry; My company invention patent "one kind of human body" the cooler, the use of heat pipe technology, no electricity, no pollution, through the body's head, axillary, front and back, chest, or anal region for high fever patient care, physical cooling speed, non-toxic side effects, its products with its good performance, easy to carry, safe environmental protection, widely applicable to the characteristics of hospitals, communities, families, of countless high fever patients to reduce the pain. Solved the high fever patients in the medical field antifebrile, drug side effects of big difficult problem, has obtained national invention ,And was awarded first prize of national excellent patent.