Kaifeng Langrui Machinery Co., Ltd.

Kaifeng Langrui Machinery Co.Ltd ,Kaifeng Siruite Machinery Factory is a specialized manufacturer of the roasting equipment ) belt drier for twenty years.We possess 20000 square meters workshop.,brThe vice chairman unit in The Specialized Committee for Nuts and Roasted Seeds of China National Food Industry Association>brbrEquipment Working Group responsible unit of The Specialized Committee for Nuts and Roasted Seeds of China National Food Industry Association.>brIt has been rated as one of the top 10 enterprises to provide quality service for China National Nuts and Roasted Seeds industry for 11 consecutive years.>brA number of scientific research projects fill domestic gaps and pass national certification>brWon the title of the top 10 innovative enterprises >energy saving and environmental protection equipment of the Chinese nut roasted industry.)brSRT History>brIn 2002> the three-layer and single-layer melon mesh belt drying machine were successfully tested in Qiaqia Food Co. Baotou factory.br The large-scale automatic Drum Dryer was designed and produced by our factory. Heat transfer oil type melon seeds peanut( automatic Drum Dryer was the first domestic creation patent( and successfully tested in Anhui Qiaqia Food Co.Ltd.,brIn 2007> the development and production of natural gas automatic Roasting Equipment line Double-layer continuous production can be designed for nuts that need to be roasted for a long time.,brIn 2009> China first Direct combustion automatic Roasting Equipment patent( For the unique combustion of the equipment and changes in the material circulation method.,brIn 2010> The successful RD of the Automatic Dipping machine that completely changed the history of artificial and semi-automatic dipping water in the roasted industry& and achieved streamlined production from the cooked system to the package.br Spiral recirculation Automatic Drum Dryer patent( was successfully developed which effectively solved the fatal flaw in the double Drum type HTF, which made it easier to operate and maintain. br the company successfully developed the first fully automatic nut Roasting line in China which enabled tree nut drying to be automated and continuous production.,brIn 2017> the company successfully developed Chinese first multi-functional belt dryer patent(. According to the different drying materials it can perform any conversion between dynamic and static drying modes. It is suitable for drying any materials.