Shaoxing Walley Food Machinery Co., Ltd.

Shaoxing Walley food machinery co. Ltd. was published in the early of 2018. Before that, we had more than 30 years of experience on manufacturing the food machines. As a professional food machines manufacturer in China we do not like to be an OEM or ODM all the time for the foreign companies who were not our customers in the end. ,br>brWalley people are highly concentrated attention on designing and manufacturing the food machines together with the best services. >br>brWalley has more than 5>000 SQM of factory area and more than 1,000 SQM of office area 2-4 engineers team, 5-10 sale counselors team more than 50 front-line workers. ,br>brWalley machines composes with 5 items. Hot air dryer >AD) Freeze dryer FD( Instant freezer ,IQF) Pre-treatment machines and the whole production lines. br