Kaifeng Youne Machinery Co., Ltd.

YOUNE MACHINERY located in the ancient capital of the Eight Dynasties historical and cultural city of Kaifeng. My company,s main variety of food processing machinery. After years of effort and innovation with professional production and processing factories, complete and scientific quality management system. Advanced production technology to provide our clients with quality and cheap products but good services.The company exports a wide range of products,Asia Russia: Uzbekistan Korea, Japan etc.Southeast Asia, Thailand Vietnam, the Philippines Singapore and so on,South Asia India: PakistanAfrica; Kenya Ghana, Tanzania Nigeria, Ethiopia South Africa, Burundi Djibouti, Cameroon Congo and so on, Middle East Saudi Arabia: Lebanon Israel, Oman Turkey and so on, Europe Germany: Switzerland UK, Hungary Spain, Cyprus America the United States: Mexico Brazil, Chile Argentina and so on,Oceania Australia: New Zealand.