Dongguan Furen Packing Products Co., Ltd.

Dongguan furen Packaging Products Co. Ltd. is a comprehensive adhesive products die-cutting manufacturers, a complete set of automatic die-cutting cutting equipment, production and sales in one. The company is committed to serving the domestic electronics automotive, electrical appliances stationery, crafts and other fields the main sales of the United States 3m tape, Poron Sony Glue, Nitto Glue Tesa and other industrial single-sided tape, automotive tape. Specializing in the production of Eva Single double-sided adhesive tape felt pad, Eva tool lining sponge, foam copper , aluminum foil tape/ foam tape double-sided tape, high-temperature tape masking tape, protective tape electronic tape and other grinding and cutting products, can be used for shockproof moisture-proof, heat insulation sealing, insulation and other functions with the company,s brand advantages for many years serious, sincere business philosophy to provide you with the latest, most suitable products. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit guidance and business negotiation.