Shanghai Unison Packaging Co.,Ltd.

Founded in 2008 Shanghai UnisoPrint Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of printing products in Shanghai China.,br>brWe are specialized in both screen and digital printing. Our equipment includes screen printers and digital printing presses with die-cuting machine>and engraving cutting machine and engarving machine so we can contral each producing cost.brbrWHY US>brUni->brWe are a Unique manufacturer which has big >2000mm*4000mm) middle 1600mm*3200mm( and small 800mm*900mm( size machines to print on every plate material.and 1.6mm die-cuting machine2m engraving machine.We can control the production cost.,br>brProblem solving>brSolving difficult printing affairs> our professional team10 years experience( can offer the best printing solutions with reasonable price.brbrMultifunction>brWe can print on various materials> plastic including PVC( PC PS, PP PE, and ABS) metal including aluminum sheet and iron sheets( cloth, glass and wood,br>brComprehensive>brKeep you updated on the status of your overseas printing job>brProviding you with actual press proofs and bound samples>brSending you advanced copies of your printing job by International Express Deliver>brDelivering products to your door> anywhere in the world optional(br