Shenzhen Fangling Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Brilliant Youth is a manufacturer trading and service oriented company of jewelry and accessories. With over 300 employers, including some of the best craftsmen professional designers, and research individuals our products are made with the highest standards for our customers and being exported globally to North America, Europe Asia as well as South America. In order to provide finest products, we spend years of resource in RD to upgrade our production line. Our production lines are currently equipped with multiple CNC machines& 3D Printers with wax setting( claw setting modeling ability, Casting furnaces. The product category has now expanded to necklaces, bracelets rings, earrings bangles, brooches cufflinks, silverware sets and souvenir models covering materials from sterling silver, silver karat gold, copper stainless steel and many kinds of alloy with our seamless welding technology. ,brOur factory currently offers over 20000 ready-made products. The ability to produce a made-to-order product within 3 days after finalizing design. The advanced production line guarantees the quality of our products and fulfills expectations from our customers. Technology driven> humane design maintaining connection with our customers have always been the three pillars of our business. Thus, we are always able to offer competitive prices advanced quality, and rapid responses for you. For more information about us please feel free to contact us with any inquiries or ideas you have in mind. We,re looking forward to helping you grow your business and expand the market shares in the near future. May we enjoy our business experience together.