Guangzhou Marfend Jewelry Co., Ltd.

As a middle and high-end jewelry brand of silversmith family marfend jewelry is the first choice for professional fashion women to create fashion luxury jewelry. With the most popular elements as the creative theme, high-level gemstones as the main stone inlay silver as the core material, and Italian style as the design reference it presents the most fashionable and luxurious jewelry for consumers.,brMarfend jewelry advocates the brand concept of >wear what I love” be free which is not only a pursuit of jewelry, but also an attitude towards life. Every piece of jewelry that we advocate to make can become the favorite of fashion women and make them more tasteful which undoubtedly puts forward higher requirements for the brand, and requires us to be more creative and improve. At the same time marfebd jewelry encourages all women to wear their favorite jewelry and live a free life.,brThe design concept of marfebd is >to create the most popular jewelry at present”” which matches the brand positioning of fashion light luxury jewelry first choice. The two complement each other and shine.