Shenzhen Weiweima Techonology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Longyuncai printing is a professional printing manufacturer. We are focusing on books, magazinescatalogues,paper packaging adhesive labels printing. Our company was established in 2013,We are located in Long Gang District Shenzhen City,br2pcs XL105-8 colors 1pcs CD102-5 Color,1pcs CD102-2 colors and DJK-JM six-color labels rotary printing press. In addition we have all sorts of back up equipments such as muller martini automatic perfect binder,Kolbus BF527 automatic hardcover binder paper cutting machine, KODA ENDSETTER 800III Quantum Gobos automatic Hull machine, Heideberg automatic Folded machine automatic three knife trimmer, muller martini automatic book sewing machine muller martini saddle-stitched machine, gilding press machine etc.,brOur motto for product quality is >to constantly improve” to involve every one to meet our commitment to our customers; Steadfastly to the end We adopt advanced quality assurance system and value-added service program. By strictly complying with the standards,br< we manage to maintain our quality management service at high levels and win wide acclaim from our customers.Quality products competitive pricing as well as timely, fast and efficient value-added services have combined to sharpen our competitive edge in the