Henan Kenken Import Export Co., Ltd.

Henan Songyuan Biotechnology Co. Ltd. is a production-oriented enterprise that produces pure vinegar and high-acid brewing vinegar and related functional sour agents. The company is committed to building a domestic production base for high-acid brewing vinegar, aiming to provide more natural healthy, nutritious and delicious food ingredients and condiments and to provide better products and services for food processing companies and ingredients. The company introduced Germany,s Frings high-acid technology equipment using liquid deep fermentation technology, continuous optimization of the process combined the extensive and sophisticated traditional vinegar fermentation brewing process and modern technology, and ultimately stabilized the fermentation of vinegar with total acid above 20 degrees. Henan Songyuan Biotechnology Co. Ltd. will insist on producing and providing the highest quality products and services for you with excellent quality and reliable quality. We will pay attention to food safety and help you to enrich people,s nutritional healthy and delicious food culture life. Not only limited to today, but also look to the future.