Jinhua Bode Industry Trading Co., Ltd.

Sealead Power originated from weak current engineering technology in the late 20th century and then step by step through UPS technology, GZDW technology EPS implication, solar energy storage application and some other industry application which is isolated with batteries devote to be a professional battery manufacturer who have research, exploit produce, sell and service all in one. With years of hard working Sealead Power as a battery producer become the industry leaders and offer global service now.,br Because of its professional battery technology> Sealead Power is regarded as a very stable and reliable power in daily live of global consumers. There are communication standby batteries solar batteries, starting batteries power batteries, lithium batteries made by Sealead Power which have been widely used in financial security, insurance government, education medical, tax public security, aviation electricity, communications transport, solar area and so on. Based on Sealead Powers product’ with years of experience integrate industry resources, in order to provide charger UPS, EPS GZDW, Solar system and some other related product to global customers.br< Benefited from the customers of more than 100 countries all over the world Sealead Power become bigger and stronger. In order to meet the lasting growth of consumer demand, Sealead Power expand another new factory which nearly 40000 square meters not include the original one. At the same time in order to meet the diversified appeal of customers, Sealead Power insist that leader brand SEALEAD to provide VIP service sub-brand provide OEM and various service.,br Holding the heart of gratitude> the team of Sealead Power insist that one group of people: with ones whole life’ do one thing together make themselves more professional and stronger and have passed the test of GB, IEC CANS, have issued TLC CE, ISO9000 ISO14000,ISO18000 Production license, identified by the state ministry of science and technology high-tech enterprises.br< Sealead Power love power, love life