Dongguan Jingzhi Optical Film Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Rebow was founded in 2014 which is a company dedicated to creating high-end neon art in the world.brbr We have established modern warehouse system under the control of ERP system. All raw materials are certified by CCC> CE RoHS. The acrylic is imported from Japan Mitsubishi which is cast into shape. Led neon flex and power supply needs 24-hour aging test. All of raw materials must pass the quality inspection before entering the warehouse.,br>br Driven by the spirit of Craftsman> we produce every led neon sign as an artwork. Each sign has undergone 68 production processes. From engraving to precise measurement precise corner cutting, precise welding line precise pasting, etc. finally a wonderful neon art is born.,br>br During the production> professional quality inspectors inspect the production line to ensure that each production process is strictly controlled and tested and make sure that each art work is carefully crafted by hand.,br>br Every neon artwork will go through 15 quality inspection steps and 24 hours aging test.Once defective products are found> we must rework or redo