Guangzhou CBB Battery Technology Co., Ltd.

CBB provides energy storage solutions for telecommunication power utility, UPS renewable energy industries and automotive battery replacement globally. As batteries are the key fundamental energy storage solution and engine starting power& and considered as the last line of protection we assure that the products are robust and highly reliable.,br>brWith our international sales centre in Guangzhou> China we have two factories, focusing on the production of valve regulated sealed lead acid batteries and automotive starting batteries separately. With the strong production capacity of 10 million kVAH per year we not only guarantee the short lead time within 20-40 days, but also offer you the factory bottom price and good quality.brbrOur goal is to build a first-class enterprise with quality products and better services. Our mission is to provide human beings with green power and better solutions to any power system.>br>brOur brand name> KoyamaROPPON,MAYFLOWER