Founded in 1985 the Company P.F.G. rises with the aim of desegning and building machines for the beach cleaning e sand cleaning. Thanks to the considerable experience gained over the years, today P.F.G.designs and bulds with innovative systems, professional beach cleaners with high performances and easy to use beachcleaner( sandcleaner. Our goal is to combine the best design and quality with the best components) ensuring durability of the machine over time. Having attained a very high reliability P.F.G. is always looking for innovative and not common solutions, in order to continuously improve the production now enlarged to 10 beachcleaner models, in order to meet the different needs of customers. P.F.G.provides the best possible solution with the certainty that the cooperation with our customers has been and still is the key to our national and international success, as we export to various countries of the world providing an after-sales service and a complete tailored assistance.