Zhejiang Youngman Technology Co., Ltd.

We are an integrated company of industry and trade. Our factory was founded in 2003 which is based on the water pump and fan inspection station of zhejiang provincial local professional product quality supervision and testing station. After the deepening of reform, we have formed an entity closely integrated with science industry and trade. The company employs famous scientists and experts at home and abroad, such as professors from China Metrology University as its guidance, and has a strong technical force. The factory is located in Chinas water pump town Of Daxi town’ timely understand the pulse of pump products of The Times. We have developed tpa-III pump microcomputer testing system and various motor pump testing instruments. Due to the needs of the international market and the improvement of the requirements of domestic users we have developed micro frequency conversion pumps and high-power frequency constant pressure water supply devices, which have made great contributions to the national energy conservation and export foreign exchange earning.