Jinan Blue Elephant Cnc Machinery Co., Ltd.

BLUE ELEPHANT CNC MACHINERY COMPANY featured with Manufacturing and Trading Ability, has 10 years rich experience in CNC Router since 2010. We are able to supply versatile cnc router machine like nesting cnc furniture machine, stone foam wood cnc router cnc router atc, cnc router 4 axis cnc router with multi spindles, cnc router with boring head cnc router with oscillating knife, metal fiber laser or plasma cutting machine cnc router for advertising, 5 axis cnc router 3 axis cnc router etc. Our R,D Dep. is always researching new function and improving working efficiency performance etc. Our Production Dep. devote themselves to increasing production quantity per day, and improving quality at same time. Our After sales service Dep. provide satisfied service for lots of customers in America Canada, Japan Malaysia, Australia New Zealand, Srilanka Dubai, Russia France, England Germany, South Africa etc many countries in the world. Our other Dep. also try their best to service every customer. Lots of customers knows and keep using cnc router machine of Blue elephant cnc brand. Welcome to visit our factory in Jinan Shandong Province,