Guangzhou Yike Heat Pump Drying Equipment Technology Co.,ltd.

Guangzhou Yike Heat Pump Drying Equipment Technology Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R,D manufacturing, sales and installation of YKP brand air energy energy-saving dryer heat pump dryer(. YKP company introduces advanced technology from Europe and the United States combines traditional drying technology with modern drying technology, and adheres to the development strategy of independent research and development. At present it has formed a all-in-one high-temperature heat pump dryer, split type high-temperature heat pump dryer and high-efficiency industrial dehumidifier, sludge dehumidification and drying machine automatic drying line and other products.,brYKP dryer is widely used in sludge dehumidification and drying >industrial sludge water plant sludge, sewage sludge dredged sludge, gully sludge grid residue, etc.) medicinal materials drying Sanqi drying Machine( octagonal dryer Chinese Yam dryer, Maca dryer gastrodia dryer, etc.) wood drying redwood dryer( miscellaneous wood dryer hardwood dryer, etc.) agricultural products drying Overlord flower dryer( mushroom dryer edible mushroom dryer, etc.) food drying saline dryer( rice noodle dryer noodle dryer, rice noodles dryer etc., tea drying ,black tea dryer Pu,er tea dryer etc., aquatic product drying ,shrimp dryer dried squid dryer, sea fish dryer flower dryer, etc.) Buddha incense drying bamboo sign Dryer( incense dryer mosquito-repellent dryer, etc.) industrial drying rubber glove dryer( gypsum dryer printing and drying machine, electroplating dryer etc., and other fields. ,brGuangzhou Yike dryer one-stop service. Provide free on-site inspections for customers and provide design solutions to provide customers with the most suitable and most economical and energy-saving drying solutions. Product warranty for one year> lifetime maintenance. The touch screen programmable controller is easy to operate and easy to maintain. Intelligent temperature and humidity control system scientific and reasonable design is the most powerful guarantee for fast and uniform drying of materials.,brThe company has a first-class research and development team> production workshops and production equipment a complete management system, comprehensive testing facilities and advanced national-level simulation coma lab. With more than ten years of experience in heat pump drying industry high-tech technology R,D personnel and practical experience, the high-temperature heat pump dryer developed and produced is powerful drying: closed dehumidification four-effect heat recovery, moisture removal cold drying, Time-division programming can meet the requirements of each drying industry at the same time. The unit is energy-saving efficient, environmentally friendly and intelligent and is the best choice for drying,br