Zhecheng Hongxin Machinery Factory

Zhecheng Hongxin Machinery Factory is specialized in machines used to make charcoal including barbecue charcoal and charcoal made from sawdust. Our company was established in 2008, with 120 staff members including 12 technicians for research and development. Our company is located in the capital of Henan Province – Zhecheng.,br>br1> Wood Working Machineriesbr sawdust briquette machines iron metal briquette machines, mineral salt brick press forming machines bio mass briquette machines, sawdust hay coco fiber baling machines compress machines, pellet briquette presses ring die pellet machines, etc.br crop cutters ensilage cutters, forage cutters chaff slicers, straw breakers straw shredders, chaff cutters chaff cutter knives, straw cutters with feeders hand straw cutters, guillotines wheaten chaffs, guillotine knife grinders hand shear cutting machines, knife folding machines guillotine shears, guillotine-type cutting machines guillotine bar shears, lawn mowers grass cutters, hay tedders nut-crackers, gate shears hay spreaders, slotters hay pelleters, grassland motor mowers with binder attachment, motor mowers combined tedder-and-side rakes, chain-type side-rake for motor mower tedders, buckrake hay stackers cutrakes, green gathering and piling machines fodder choppers, hand hay cutters straw choppers, weed pullrakes, guillotine costotomes shredded fodders, grass hay presses swath turners, hay-loaders tonsil guillotines, etc.br walnut shellers cashew nut shellers, peanut peelers cashew nut peelers, peanut butter machines almond shellers and peelers, peanut roasters cleaners, stoners etc.,br>br5> Vegetable Processing Machinesbr fruit cutters banana slicers, orange peelers orange washing machines, orange juicers juice screw extractors, juice separators homogenizers, sterilization machines filtering machines, packing machineries filling machines, shrinking packing machines oil filling machines, pallet wrappers pencil machines, mosquito coil machines chalk machines. Etc.,br>br7> Animal Feed Machinesbr