Debont Corp.

Debont Corp. is a system integrator specializing in modern agricultural production processes the major operations include providing integrated solutions in agricultural engineering, supplying agricultural equipment contracting of agricultural projects, and agricultural project operation. Debont Corp. is National High-tech Enterprise and is awarded ISO9001 Quality management System Certificate. The headquarters are located in BDA Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area( under which there are five departments, Agricultural Machinery Irrigation Machinery, Tobacco Machinery Dryer , Silo and Overseas Agricultural Development. Besides, there are three factories located in Jiamusi Tianjin and Liaoning respectively.,brThe Agricultural Machinery Department provides system solutions for various crop production and various agricultural machinery products. The company independent research and development products include> Debont Pneumatic Zero-tillage Precision Seeder Multi-functional Covering Seeder, Self-propelled Swather and so on. Our company is also the dealer for German CLAAS and French Kuhn in China the main products include, tractors harvesters, and all kinds of high-end farm implements. Agricultural Machinery Department provides leading technology and reliable agricultural machinery to its customers with efficient quick, caring after-sales service and spare parts supply.brbrDryer > Silo Department engages grain storage and drying equipment production processing, installation and provides with efficient energy-saving grain dryer and storage design equipment supply and engineering services.,br>brOverseas Agricultural Department as an overseas agricultural engineering system integrator> provides system solutions for agricultural development including agricultural planning and design, machinery and equipment supply farmland water conservancy construction, seed processing farm product storage and transportation, agricultural products processing agricultural technology output and agricultural project management.,br>brTobacco Machinery Department provides the whole process solution and complete tobacco equipment supply> also servers as the dealer for the worlds advanced tobacco equipment. The main products include’ Tobacco transplanter Ridge cutter, Harvester Tobacco Loader, Cluster tobacco cure room. br