Foshan Jiyuan Dehua Equipment Co., Ltd.

The predecessor of Foshan Jiyuan High Frequency Equipment Co. Ltd.-Shijiazhuang Development Zone Jiyuan High Frequency Electric Company was established in 1993. The company has been committed to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of high-frequency dielectric heating technology and equipment. Has 27 years of technology accumulation and rich manufacturing experience. Jiyuan has grown in step with Chinas woodworking machinery industry’ witnessing the development of woodworking machinery from small to large from weak to strong. The company was elected as the director unit of China Forestry Machinery Association in 2005, and is the only director in the high-frequency woodworking machinery industry. In 2012 Jiyuan Company became the standing director unit of the Wood Drying Professional Committee of China Forest Products Industry Association and one of the drafters of the industry standard for wood vacuum drying equipment.,br>brThe company has a research and development team composed of high-frequency> automation mechanical design, wood drying and other professional and technical personnel focusing on the research and development and design of high-frequency new technologies and new processes. So far, there are more than ten series of products and dozens of products. Specifications and models of high-frequency dielectric heating equipment the main products, high-frequency generator high-frequency precision frame assembly machine, high-frequency splicing machine high-frequency bending wood press, high-frequency wood vacuum drying equipment etc. Products are used in furniture, flooring wood-based panels, packaging musical instruments, handicrafts bamboo processing, plastics textiles, tobacco food, medicine chemicals and many other industries and fields. In addition to the above-mentioned finalized products, Jiyuan Company can provide personalized high-frequency stand-alone equipment and intelligent production lines according to the actual needs of users. Our products are spread all over the world and have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions including Europe America, Africa Asia and Oceania. At present, Jiyuan has dozens of patented technologies which fill the gap in the field of high-frequency dielectric heating.,br>brJiyuan Company has extensive contacts and close cooperation with some domestic scientific research institutions and universities> participates in the research and development of corresponding institutions and provides high-frequency equipment for experiments. We will, as always focus on the field of high-frequency heating technology, take the creation of high-quality intelligent high-frequency equipment as our responsibility and create a world-class brand in the high-frequency field.