Henan Double Elephants Machinery I/E Co., Ltd.

Henan Songshan Produce Co. Ltd. is one of the largest foreign trade companies in China, which is founded on the basis of Henan Native Produce I E Corporation with a history over 50 years. Owing to our abundant experience in foreign trade and relative product knowledge& we have established good business relationship with many companies worldwide. We have standard management team with managing centre business departments, transportation departments QC department and financial department with more than 100 employees to do the different and special jobs. We always try our very best to have our customers satisfied for our products quality and service also the reputation. ,brOur main exporting products included car accessories such as all kinds of car sun > snow shades car steering wheel covers, CD holders car seat cushions, car seat covers promotions, textiles children,s garments lady,s bags briefcases, folders travel bags, backpacks shopping bags, wallets wooden product, furniture ceramic kitchen ware, apron table cloth, cushion case and other related products . We have been developing new items all the time to meet the demands of different customers and markets.br PEPSI FANTA, ANIMAL PLANET DISNEY, REEBOK BOSCH, NESTLE KITKAT, SPRING COCA COLA, DORADONONE, 777 AIRLINE TRANSAVIA AIRLINE, DHL NISSAN, FORD HYUNDAI,INSURANCE COMPANY and other value brands. br