Henan Fulun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Yunjushang Shenzhen( Industrial Co. Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R,D production and sales. The company has general taxpayer qualifications and has the right to import and export products independently. It has fully realized the two major sales entities at home and abroad.,br>brThe company>s main three series of products:br>brThe cloud series is based on high-performance> easy-to-configure industrial switches with industrial-grade shockproof, moisture-proof anti-corrosion, and lightning-proof performance. Compared with commercial industrial switches on the market the switches produced by our company have industrial standards, and can guarantee high-quality and efficient data transmission in the face of harsh working environments. The industrial switches produced by our company are used in a large number of applications such as wind power generation electronic automation production, high-definition illegal capture etc. to realize the needs of real-time monitoring data transmission. In smart grid, rail transit smart city, safe city new energy, aerospace smart Manufacturing and military industries are very popular.,br>brThe home series are mainly imported and exported food and anti-epidemic supplies. During the epidemic> the production license of anti-epidemic supplies was obtained.brbrThe company>s various product departments are equipped with professional teams to provide customers with the best quality services in a one-time all-round way from implementation sales, logistics to after-sales. We actively participate in promotion and industry exchange activities. In the long-term development process the company has established long-term good partnerships with many large-scale enterprises at home and abroad with excellent product quality, efficient product performance and leading technical advantages. Shang Industrial Co., Ltd. is your best partner