Henan Huibo Medical Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Fulun Electronic Technology Co. Ltd Is a collection of mugwort planting, mugwort products mugwort production development, research and development mugwort wholesale, mugwort customization sales and management as one. For many years, we have been committed to the continuous research and development of mugwort products. The company is located in the hometown of medical saint Zhang Zhongjing( the capital of Chinese herbal medicine — Nanyang, Henan province. Nanyang Xiancao Pharmaceutical Co. LTD. By virtue of the unique ecological environment and rich high-quality artemisia argyi resources for products to provide the best quality guarantee. The senior founder of our company has devoted himself to the research of moxa sticks for more than ten years, and has successively developed dozens of products such as traditional moxa sticks smokeless moxa sticks, moxa sticks moxa sticks, mini moxibustion moxibustion system, moxibustion bath foot bath, etc. which have filled the blank of Moxibustion industry in China. Since its establishment, the company is mainly engaged in the OEM processing of mugwort products OEM processing of label processing, customized processing of specifications special processing of moxibustion health shop, customized production of foreign trade and so on. After years of development it has now become a major OEM manufacturer of many well-known moxibustion brands. In 2010, when the moxibustion industry was at its peak our OEM sales exceeded 67 million, becoming the largest production and processing base of ai products in Henan Province. At the same time the high-end smokeless and micro smoke series products are exported to Japan, South Korea Southeast Asia, Europe and dozens of other countries. Famous at home and abroad. The company swears to develop mugwort cause make mugwort industry high-quality goods. Based in Nanyang, it radiates to the whole world and works with colleagues at home and abroad to carry forward the ancient traditional Chinese medicine culture and benefit the people.