Beijing Meijia Yisheng Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2015, Beijing Meijia Yisheng Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. is a professional corporation integrating the research, manufacture and vendition of medical instruments. We have built a long-term cooperation with several hospitals and high-tech enterprises in China, and established a comprehensive sales network throughout China.The medical personal protective system is our company’s star product. It can be used in preventing cross infection between medical personnel and patient and reducing infectious rate during surgical operation. It can also be used in preventing virus infection in high risk working environment, such as in quarantine department and lab. 360 protective clothing is our company’s independent-developed product, it adopts all-cover design which can provide more comprehensive protection. Our company also produce traditional disposable protective clothing. The customers can choose the sterile style or non-sterile style depending on their needs. Recently, our company is also involved in the fields of Rich Platelet Plasma (PRP) Preparation System and sports medicine. Our products have been approved by experts and customers in medical field.Our company’s philosophy: faithful and honest as root, serving the community as expectation. We will keep forging ahead to serve the public.