Nanchang Hygimat Medical Co., Ltd

Nanchang Hygimat Medical Co., Ltd is established in 1989, It is specializing in the production of disposable medical product be approved by Jiangxi food and drug administration and also has a trading company Xi Come Medical Co.,Ltd.The factory with a total area of 60000 square meters and a beautiful environment. It has more than 4000 square meters of million level cleaning workshop and many fully automatic production lines. strong technology, 7 quality management internal audit administrators and more than 300 excellent skilled operators. There is a complete production management system and a good quality system. Through the continuous upgrading of the software and hardware of the system, the whole plant caters to the changing market environment, and strives for the reliability of the product process and manufacturing, so as to provide safe and effective “Baosong” and “Xkmedica” brand series products to the end customers.Main products include: disposable face mask, medical surgical mask, disposable caps, isolation gown, surgical town ,Speculum, protection gown, disposable surgical bag, disposable midwifery bag, disposable surgical sheet, medical vaginal washer, disposable debridement and suture replacement kit, inspection gloves, medical cotton swab, gauze bandage , medical gauze dressing, tongue depressor, curettage, skin knife, medical infusion bottle mouth paste, absorbent cotton ball and other series