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Nate office technology is part of Kinde Group in 2013 originally and she has been reintroduced with a brand new look in 2015. Since Nate team understands ergonomic and comfortable work environment will help us work healthier and enjoy happier life so we are proud that it is meaningful and green career. ,brOur core products are variety of electric and manual sit stand desk base>frame/ they are easily adapted to meet the demanding of our furniture customers. Our engineers team has been designed many models available. Such as essential 2-leg electric standing desk base 3-leg desk base, 4-Leg desk frame 120 degree corner, 180 degree sit-stand desk base. If you have idea to design unique we welcome OEM and ODM collaboration with our partners. Nate team will dedicate to offer immediate solution for your workplace design with competitively priced.,brSo let us work creative and productive with Nate>