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Euroantique Yueran. Home furnishing is originated in 1984 from the American home design brand French market collection focusing on home product design and soft furnishings development. The company is headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana USA, and has three major manufacturing bases in the world the United States( Indonesia and China. Known for its pure hand forging) it serves the worlds high-end home furnishing stores and private customization.’br Euroantique Yueran > Jinzhi brand is located in the classic Rococo style. Its main material is imported mahogany with brocade woven, hand carved and decorated with gold foil. Its furniture is complex and exquisite. The more you create the more you create. The paint process of the product adopts the international environmental protection standard of American Westberg paint to ensure the safety and environmental protection of the product.,br Our vision is to help customers find the lifestyle they want>