Worldfoam Auto Products (nantong) Co., Ltd.


Worldfoam Auto ProductsNantong( Co. Ltd is a,brforeign-owned enterprise established by a team of top experts in the polyurethane foam industry in mainland China> Taiwan and Hong Kong. Research and developmentproduction, sales of mattress sponge furniture,brsponge>electronic spongeautomotive interior sponge.At,brthe same time we produce mattresses> pillows and auto- motive interior accessories and other finished products. Our factory locates in duntou townHai,an county,brnantong city> jiangsu province located in the north of,brShanghai> about 200 kilometers away from Shanghai.The . project has a total investment of 30 million us dollars and a registered capital of 12 million us dollars.The project covers an area of 44436 square meter, with a total construction area of 52000 square meters. The,brproject is expected to have an annual sales volume of 500 million yuan after completion.Scope of business <="" td="" style="box-sizing: inherit;">