Guangzhou Lihua Fengquan Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Lihua Fengquan Water Purification Equipment Co. Ltd. is a scientific research, production and sales of high-tech diversified, large-scale foreign-funded integrated environmental protection enterprises headquartered in Guangzhou. Is the first domestic software product certification ,with software intellectual property rights of the water household appliance enterprises. The company takes the terminal water purification and air purification as its core business. Its Main Business is the R ) D and promotion of stage lighting disinfection products, entertainment equipment festival lighting equipment, solar energy-saving and environmental protection equipment healthy drinking water, humidifiers air purification equipment, etc. and committed to ozone technology in the field of related applications and promotion, Its brand Baoluquan [ has passed ISO90012008 Quality Management System Certification: as well as Hong Kong CB Certification National CCC certification, the United States National Health Foundation NSF 159 water quality testing standards such as testing or certification authorities at home and abroad. The headquarters has an independent research and development center for water treatment products covering an area of nearly 1,000 square meters. At the same time the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Zhejiang University and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the South China University of Technology have set up an environmental technology research laboratory, at the same time with ozone technology as the core of the patent technology nearly 100 there are widely used ceramic ultrafiltration patent technology, Borospring water purification equipment with an international background is a member of WQA ,American Water Quality Association units) full cooperation with international suppliers is now the United States Dow strategic partner in China. At the same time, the company focuses on Chinas water environment’ research and development in line with Chinas water quality products’ has 103 national patents is ,reverse osmosis water purifier” and “ultrafiltration membrane water purifier” national standard preparation team leader. After years of precipitation in the industry” Baolu spring water purification equipment now has stage lighting disinfection products, entertainment equipment festival lighting equipment, solar energy-saving environmental protection equipment humidifier, kitchen water purifier direct drinking machine, pipeline ultrafiltration central water purifier water softener, pipeline machine and commercial water purification equipment and other products is now the most large-scale, the most powerful drinking water solutions suppliers.