Foshan Shunde Saier Sensor Co., Ltd.

Foshan Shunde Saier Sensor com. Ltd, a professional high-Tech Manufacturer for magnetic sensor development and production Located in RongGui, Shunde District Manufacturing industrial center in Guangdong. Close to 105 Highway road and Guangzhou Zhuhai West, less than 30 minutes by car from Guangzhou Zhongshan, Foshan With a strong advantages of home appliance industry and scale matching.,br the Main products> water flow sensor water flow switch, float level switch liquid level switch, flowmeter proximity switch, magnetic sensor door magnetic switch,~ Used for drinking water machine~ water purifier coffee machine, Water-sale Machine Beer Machine, water heater circulating water system, Water control machine ,brPedestal pan> humidifier Air conditioning fan, Steam hot pot Door Access Control, instruments and meters Mechanical equipment,~~we only manufacture magnetic sensors” not only a slogan from us” but also our factorys action guide and culture. not only covers our pursuit and the goal of producing our magnetic sensors more professional and delicated ‘ but also to show customers our constant innovation and the determination of never