Shengchi (Beijing) Water Treatment Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

Shengchi Beijing( Water treatment equipment Technology Development Co. Ltd. in China,s water treatment industry to achieve material supply equipment supporting design, technical support as one. The company has strong strength and unique experience in industrial and civil water treatment system material supply design selection, technical support troubleshooting and so on. Shengchi ,Beijing Water treatment equipment Technology Development Co.) Ltd. actively cooperates with famous water treatment manufacturers in the field of water treatment actively introduces and promotes advanced international and domestic water treatment products, and creates a supermarket model of water treatment products. From a full set of water treatment equipment accessories vulnerable parts, special accessories etc., for the major engineering companies wholesalers, Collaboration manufacturers provide high-quality products superb technology, first-class service. Focus on the promotion of the most advanced water treatment products and the most professional technical services adhere to the ,heart of service” endless.