Shenzhen Huacheng Packaging Material Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Hua Cheng Packing Material Co. Ltd. was built in 1998. We are engaged in the soft nature plastic foaming packing profession.,br>brWe professionally produce PVC> PP POF, PET and PE hot shrink wrap membrane ,bags) LLDPF stretch twines membrane PE, PP and PO plastic bags, PVC soft gum voltage high wave( products and each kind of sponge pearl packing material, cotton and kapok EVA and air bubble bags. ,br>brOur industrial area is 10>000 square meters. At present we have the most advanced blow membrane machine 10 sets high speed dial system working bag machine 16 sets, rebating machine strip-dividing machine, thermo-compression high wave machine soft nature froth packing judgment machine, cutter and stereotypic machines.,br>brShenzhen Hua Cheng Packing Material Co.> Ltd. has always been faithful in carrying out the contracts. Reasonable in price superior in quality, timely in delivery flexible in trade, we serve clients wholeheartedly. Foreign friends are warmly welcome to establish business relationships with us. We hope to join hands with business people from at home and abroad for economic development.