Nanjing Teyun Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Teyun Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is located in Nanjing city of Lishui mingjue Industrial Park, away from Nanjing Lukou International Airport a half hour city circle, adjacent to Shanghai Nanjing high-speed Nanjing Hangzhou high-speed, 104 State Road Ning high-speed exit only 28 kilometers, highway 341 runs through the industrial park with convenient transportation.,br>brNanjing Teyun Machinery Manufacturing Co.> Ltd. is specialized in the production of Q43 series crocodile shearing machine hydraulic metal baler, non metal hydraulic baler hydraulic cutting machine series machinery and many other. Many fields widely in steel, recycling processing industry metallurgy industry etc..,br>brThere are all kinds of mechanical blade> mold roller, disc slitting blades the blade, cutting machine blade cutting blade, blade air pressure, packing and sealing blade jelly, leather blade die cutting knife, knife cutter knives, knife plate strip, special-shaped blade and round cutter flat circular knives are sold to large and medium-sized steel, metallurgy chemical industry, papermaking plastics, rubber tire factory and various packaging industry our main products. At the same time: we recently also launched a hard alloy blade series. Production of metallurgical HSS circular knife H13, LD high-precision slitting machine cutting blade series known throughout the country some products have reached the international level, and random bed supporting exported to Southeast Asia Europe and the United States and other overseas areas.,br>brThe company has strong technical strength> advanced equipment perfect technology, develop their own pragmatic innovation pioneering and enterprising, spirit. Now the company is actively using CAD” CAM CAPP technology, increasing new product technology part of the product of the package has been exported to Southeast Asia and the surrounding area, has been unanimously praised by