Shenzhen Guangxinsheng Packing Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Guangxinsheng Packing Co. Ltd. was established in 2010, which is a private enterprise. The company is located in MingJun Industrial Zone Huaning Road,Dalang Street Longhua New District, Shenzhen Guangdong , adjacent to the new Belle. Our company is specialized in all kinds of cloth bags materials including velvet( linen linen cloth, mesh cloth PU leather, nylon polyester non-woven fabrics, satin etc., craft gift bags; electronic appliances bags food Bags, jewelry boxes jewelry boxes, gift boxes as the core of the diversified export-oriented enterprises.The company business process from the graphic design: film output cloth draft, open materials printing, to sewing forming all have a perfect system. Achieving well equipped and sophisticated technology company of this industry. The sales team is famous for product packaging around the world. Especially hold the palm in organic food, wine electronic products, jewelrys design and production in the industry. Company is equipped with a variety of computer sewing machine’ punching machine lock sewing machine. The main products are mobile phone bags, velvet bags cotton bags, mesh bags linen bags, nylon bags shoes bags, rice bags tea bags, satin bags jewelry boxes, cufflink boxes necklace boxes and ring boxes.