Ningbo Hoy Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

HOY Machinery is a leading source of plastic injection molding machine manufacture and world-renowned injection molding solution provider. We focus on continuous innovative technology research and development to create high-quality’ durable efficient and value-added products for our customers.,brWe supply high performance Toggle System Machines >MIDAS series from 100T to 600T) Two-platen Machines CF series from 600T to 4000T( and Special Purpose Machines PET(PVC/ Multi-color/ Cable-tie/Optical Products/Large Size Fitting/Pallet/Trash-bin/Thin-wall High Speed and so on/.br like U.SSPI(UL/ standard European ,CE) Korean KCS( and other special design machines we can meet all over the world customers, requirements and demand. We have rich experience to export injection machines and plastic injection turnkey solutions to more than 20 countries and regions from all over the world. We provide customers with comprehensive and professional plastic injection solutions which in automotive parts packaging, medical electronics, household appliances construction and other industries.