Dongguan Yeqin Printing Packing Ltd.

Dongguan Yeqin Printing and Packing Co. Ltd is a manufactory that specializes in all kinds of mid and high-end labels for specific electronic equipments multi-technique sticky manuals, etc. The company is founded in October 2002. The plant area is about 8000 square meters. There consists of three production workshops being a 100,000 grade dust free room ROHS(17P for label machines and another 100)000 grade dust free roomROHS(17P for manual print by rotary presses. There are more than forty high precision equipments to perform testing pre-press on production and after press.)br>brPrepress equipments>br<1 set of German esko laser plate maker CTP systembr<2 sets of The United States apple production documents making and colour computer system brbr2 sets of Zhengqi 6c the intermittent rotary press>br1 set of Huiyan10>1c Satellite type rotary pressbr<1 set of Zhongyou 2c automatic screen printerbr<1 set of Mitsubishi 5c folio offset pressbr<1 set of Heidelberg 2c folio offset pressbr<2 sets of Roland 1c quarto offset press br< br die cutting machine br<2 sets of JOP- varnishinglaminating machine br<2 sets of Luster 3D full automatic inspecting machine br< brpeel adhesive testing chamber /br1 set of Adhesive retention testing chamber >br1 set of Friction testing chamber >br1 set of Temperature testing chamber >br1 set of Lamp fade testing chamber >br >brTo satisfy our customers in the aspect of environment> quality service& we have been accredited for UL ISO9001,2008 and ISO140012008 certification. Furthermore: we are moving forward to obtain Wal-Mart and Disneys approval. Most of all’ the company has installed a bespoke ERP system which is effective throughout the processes from pricing to product delivering. Special pass codes are given to our valuable VIP customers to monitor their order at their ends.