Jining Micro Packed Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shandong Jining Amusement Equipment Co. Ltd is installed micro VEKAIN Chinese engineering machinery enterprise original recreation amusement equipment group, is the earliest in the high simulation of children excavator research and development design and production enterprises is currently the highest market share, product category of the most complete and most complete customer service service experience the leading brand of amusement equipment.,br The company is headquartered in Jining> Shandong China,s famous manufacturing base for construction machinery parts. Here not only has a well-known brand of construction machinery but also the machinery industry, industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises gathered. Company factory east of Confuciuss hometown of Qufu’ Liangshan West north of Taishan, south of Weishan Lake at the same time, there is also a famous Buddhist temple for Baoxiang temple called the buddha. Beautiful natural scenery and strong humanistic atmosphere provide a powerful spiritual impetus and endless creative vigor for the rapid development of the company.br< Headquarters factory covers an area of 73 acres with a large production workshop, ten thousand square meters and a full range of products exhibition hall. With international leading large-scale mechanical CNC production equipment with complete construction machinery, recreational equipment research and development design, production capacity. And with the international first-class construction machinery production enterprises and actively learn from domestic and foreign advanced technology, based on independent research and development and constantly improve the process, and create more suitable for children to grow up puzzle equipment products. Compared with the traditional amusement equipment the utility model has more advantages in developing children,s intelligence potential and practical operation ability and is well liked by operators and parents of the amusement parks.,br Our company has R > D department production department, customer service department sales department, network department financial administrative department and other departments, is a set of product development design, manufacturing marketing, customer service and service for the integrated enterprise. The company has more than 200 employees of whom more than 60 undergraduate education, has formed a complete talent team and a mature team management model.br< Innovation is the driving force of our continuous progress the company,s R D& production capacity industry-leading, product variety. Our products include childrens excavators' childrens fishing machines' mini bowling machines amusement tower cranes, cranes bulldozers, sightseeing cars and a series of construction machinery recreational equipment. Since 2010 the company has accumulated applications for more than 40 national patents.,brThe company>s R D of new products are highly recognized by the industry& product quality and after-sales service has a good reputation and become customers to invest in business and expand the operation of the best choice. In all the large parks, indoor and outdoor playground children,s amusement park and other places wecan play everywhere, business is very hot bring value to return to the customer.,br We will be adhering to the >professional for excellence” spirit” carry forward the VEKAIN China recreation Zhidong future pursuit of value enterprise and society seek common development, has good faith quality as the root the purpose of continuous innovation, will become the most influential recreation VEKAIN international experience amusement equipment enterprises.br< VEKAIN amusement equipment is your best choice for business investment,