Zhengzhou Bainte Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

The factory is committed to all areas of mechanical parts processing equipment manufacturing and machinery maintenance, processing and manufacturing standards and non-standard machinery and equipment annex , traffic is very convenient. Since the establishment of the company on the basis of gradually improving factory management, with the principle of quality first fast time, considerate service and reasonable price the company relies on the market to continuously develop and grow. The existing mechanical processing plant over 10,000 square meters a large general lathe, general milling machine planer, grinder drilling, electrical welding CNC machining centers, CNC gantry milling machine shears, sheet metal and other equipment. Can provide you with all types of machining and machine assembly. In the companys development has trained a number of outstanding engineers and senior skilled workers. In the production process to establish a good market reputation. A professional technical staff to provide your product design process’ a dedicated inspection staff for you to put a good quality off. Companies with good product quality good after-sales service and honest management style, many users in establishing a good corporate image.