Sunnran Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

JieGu Kaixin and Sunnran company pool their resources and experience in a joint venture to supply our customers with the best possible turnkey project solution.,brJieGu and Kaixin Company was established in 2014 for producing lacquer coating systems> conveyors decorative can making machines and induction ovens. We supply individual machines as well as complete lines for 3-piece canmaking and end making.,brSunnran co. was established in 2019 and specifically concentrate on the market outside mainland China.>brWe have experience in sourcing the best quality machines and do upgrades on request of the customer. Machines are build and interlocked according to the line synopsis agreed with the customer. >brOur self-produced machines are also selected by other famous can machinery and canmaking companies such as> Golden eagle Longwen, Shantou light New Dodo, COFCO and Sihai