Guangzhou Kaixin Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Kaixin Jewelry Co. Ltd. was born in 2015 by Lin Yifei into a traditional jewelry family. Most of the Yifei family members are engaged in or are engaged in the design, manufacture or sale of jewellery. After graduating from university Yi Fei founded Kaixin Jewelry Co., Ltd. engaged in the design, production and international trade of K gold 925 silver, brass and steel jewelry. In order to obtain the latest and trendiest jewelry information and let more people know about happiness in the past 20 years, Guangzhou Kaixin Jewelry Co. Ltd. has opened an online OEM,ODM shop in Alibaba that focuses on jewelry customization/ and has taken itself to a broader A booming market. Inspired by 20 years of expertise, creative cooperation and prosperous e-commerce opened a new online store on Alibaba in 2020 to provide door-to-door service for cross-border stainless steel jewelry sales. Today, Guangzhou Kaixin Jewelry Co. Ltd. will continue to provide the world,s people with extraordinary daily stainless steel jewelry with the highest quality and most sincere service. Yifei and her teams lasting passion for innovation and design has been embedded and displayed in each of their products. Their timeless and modern stainless steel jewelry makes Kaixin a must for those who seek noble and charming life. Happy jewelry” let us show it together instead of cherishing it. Your nobility needs a piece of exquisite jewelry to support. Kaixin jewelry can show your 1000 charms.