Zhuji Shanxia Lake Beizhijia Jewelry Firm

Zhuji Shanxia Lake Beizhijia Jewelry Firm was established in 2016 the company is located in East China International Jewelry City, Shaoxing City Zhejiang Province. Zhuji is a beautiful ancient capital of Yue, the hometown of Xishi and the hometown of pearls in China. Zhuji has superior geographical conditions, with Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport in the north and Yiwu Airport in the south. The surrounding areas lead to major cities including Shanghai, Hangzhou Yiwu, Ningbo and the railway transportation and highway transportation are in all directions.,brThe company specializes in wholesale and retail fresh water pearl scattered beads> pearl necklace pearl necklace ,pearl single chain pearl fancy chain pearl sweater chain) pearl jewelry pearl earrings ( pearl pendant / pearl pendant / pearl ring / pearl bracelet / pearl foot chain / pearl brooch/ etc.) shell necklace etc., also welcome to customize!brIntegrity> respect and professionalism are our core values and we will do all we can to meet our customer needs.