Wuzhou Cadermay Jewelry Co.,Ltd

Wuzhou Cadermay Jewelry Co. Ltd. is located in Wuzhou, Guangxi China, the capital of synthetic gemstones. Our company has been engaged in the gemstone industry for more than ten years. It founded by diamond grader and senior jewelry designer with many years of experience in gem production. We have fully independent jewelry design and production capacity our professional team can customize a variety of high-end luxury jewelry according different requirements of customers . The main products include Lab grown diamond, Moissanite Lab grown ruby, Lab grown Sapphire Lab grown emerald and so on. We use Gold, Platinum K gold, 925 silver diversified material production jewelry. We have strict international standards and excellent product quality innovative design team and professional custom service, whether you are dealers or wholesalers we are happy to establish business relations with you, look forward to your cooperation