Shenzhen Life Love Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Life Love Jewelry Co. Ltd,brIn 2005> own the profession team of moissanite RD dept& Treatment and Quality control etc. Which produce the super white moissanite reach real DEF color, gain a great moissanite<2006 the new technical of Life Love, Amorphous Diamond Growing Technicwas applied patent protection brbr2010> joined into the International Colored Gemstone Association and it is honor to be one of their members.,br>br2015> Life Love own a jewelry brand MY BEST LOVE, opened a series retail shops in China. br<2018 developed a new lab grown diamond, Lamorite taken advanced CVD technical mixed with moissanite, reach hardness 9.9-10 successfully face to market on 2019 Hongkong jewelry fair.