Zhangjiagang Yixin Aluminum Products Co., Ltd.

Zhangjiagang Yixin aluminum products Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various aluminium profile. The main business of Yixin is divided into six parts, 1 mold development and design 2 industrial aluminum extrusion, 3 aluminum frame and assembly line transportation equipment installation 4 deep processing of aluminum products, 5 direct selling of non-standard industrial aluminum products 6 industrial aluminum accessories.,brThe main application fields of Yixin products> which are mainly used in industrial assembly line transportation equipment automation equipment, frame workshop operation platform, robot protective device protective barrier, machine protective cover safety fence, exhibition frame structural parts, industrial platform industrial climbing ladder, material rack trolley, clean room and other fields. Deep processing products of aluminum products mainly include electronic equipment aluminum profile, radiator aluminum profile, aluminum alloy parts etc. our company can provide CNC finishing, fine cutting tapping, assembly and other processing services for aluminum products according to customer needs.br