Shenzhen Xinyinghua Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen xin yinghua aluminum industry co. LTD., mainly engaged in decoration industry the latest trend of aluminum alloy frame materials. The company covers the research and development independent design products design, industry control has been leading the industry forward, Its own large-scale production factory 3 square aluminum alloy frame material production factory: the strict quality control product quality has always been for the industry benchmark, The latest sales philosophy online integration: the whole market seamless connection. Company predecessor yinghua frame began in 2009 and is based on professional city shenzhen dafen. 10 years grinding sword in the 10 years of market temper, the Chinese rise oneself the industry has its own understanding, have accurate judgment on industry trends. Standing in this day in 2021 xin yinghua motivational through either upstream or downstream industries, adornment from rd and production of the frame material to finished product research& development production and sales. Household adornment well-known enterprises for the development of whole industry chain integration. Xin acs based on China to the world of today, self-help frame materials for global with high quality.