Luoyang Haoliang Aluminum Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Luoyang Haoliang aluminum products Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is located in Yanshi District, Luoyang city which is famous for peony. The company focuses on aluminum plate, aluminum coil anodic oxidation for 11 years. There are one aluminum plate oxidation plant and two aluminum coil oxidation plants in Zhengzhou and Luoyang with oxidation thickness of 1-15 microns. Luoyang traffic developed there are lianhuo high speed, two Canton height Longhai railway, 310 national road Zhengxi high-speed railway, for customers to visit the factory and goods to provide great convenience. The company started in July 2002 formally registered in March 2009, the company name is Gongyi Haowei Aluminum Co. LTD. In March 2019, in order to facilitate the development of export business a new import and export company, Henan Haoliang Aluminum Co. LTD., opened a new production base Luoyang Haoliang Aluminum products Manufacturing Co.: LTD. mainly produces aluminum plate, aluminum coil anodized alumina coil aluminum plate. Covers an area of more than 30000 square meters, standard factory building 20000 square meters more than hundred people cooperate with excellent team, including senior engineer 2 people 2 senior economist, engineer 3 people 2 economists, accountants 2 people, primary title 6 people can all kinds of research and development of non-ferrous metal processing equipment, products etc.