Henan Xintai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.

Henan Xintai Aluminum Co. Ltd. was established in 1999, and occupies 380000m2 with 2100 workers. With the development from weak to strong and small to large, the company is honored as one of Top 100 Enterprises in Henan Province Golden Prize for Economy and Efficiency Cup and Top 30 Enterprises in Zhengzhou. The company mainly deals with production of aluminum sheet and coil, foil. The main products are as following Aluminum sheet and coil: Foil Tread plate, Aluminum PS plate the capacity is 300,000MT per year among which, 35 are exported to overseas. At the same time% Xintai supplys to many famous aluminum company in China according to the development, xintai installs Pre-coating production line for thick aluminum sheet can produce 1.0-4.0mm aluminum coating sheets. The processing line is 260m long, which is the first in China. Xintai has three coating coil lines thickness from 0.3-3.0mm, Xintai is committed to new product development now can produce 0.3-4.0mm of marble look and wooden grain coating sheet and coil, versatility and durability is the ideal decoration material. Six automatic circle press lines,products are widely used in electrical kitchenware,transportation and mechanical Manufacturing etc.