Dongguan Humen Aiteyuan Plastic Hardware Products Factory

Special discount products Plastic pet buckle: size 11mm: 13mm 16mm ,20mm 26mm, 32mm38mm and 50mm, and about 20 different colors for you to select send 1, spare parts for you. New opened mould 1100-$ We always try to produce more and better products to meet customers request.”br2> Your logos can be realized on the products and help you achieve brand.,br3> We can develop new products and guarantee only provide for you to make your products unique.,br>brOur company was founded in 2005 and is located in a very famous manufacturing city-Dongguan> China. We specialize in all kinds of plastic and hardware fittings.brbrOur products are widely applied to all kinds of apparels> shoes hats, suitcases shoes materials, raincoats sleeping bags, tents embroiders, zippers handbags, and gloves. As a professional manufacturer in this field for more than ten years what we can convince our customers are specialist and excellent quality. Our goal is not just to meet our customer requirements but to exceed them.,br>brThere is a batch of complete equipment and high-tech and talented persons in our company. Therefore> we can provide any kinds of products according to customer special